Jump Ropes

Martins Sports Plastic Jump Ropes
Plastic, unbreakable sections

Heavy nylon jump rope

Options: Green 7', Red 8', Blue 9'

Cost: $5

Martins Sports Vinyl Speed Rope
Vinyl rope with plastic shaped handles

Options: Pink 7', Blue 8', Yellow 9'

Cost: $5

Martins Sports Cotton Heavyweight Jump Rope #CJR

Heavyweight rope, wood handle.

Color: White

Sizes:  6', 7', 8', 9', 10', 16'
Cost:  $5.00

Martins Sports Cotton White Heavyweight Jump Rope #CRB

Heavyweight rope, wood ball bearing handle,

Color: White

CRB86: 8'6"
CRB95: 9'5"

Cost: $5

Martins Sports Deluxe Speed Rope

Heavyweight vinyl with swivel action shaped handles

Color: Brown

Sizes: 8', 9'

Brute Jump Rope #021407
Great for warming up and cardio

Brute logo on foam handle


Length: 9' adjustable

Cost:  $12.95

Asics Speed Rope ZW0500
When is a jump rope not a jump rope? When itís the ASICS speed rope, a light 5 mm training tool that features adjustable handle weights (weighted or unweighted?). Ideal for home and gym workouts. Packs easily for travel, too.


5mm Rope

For speed

Adjustable Handle Weight

Customized workout

Color: Black

Cost: $19.95


Asics - ZW0161 -Leather Jump Rope

Features: EVA Foam padded polypropylene plastic handles 
               Ball bearing pivots in the handles for smooth rotation. 
               Printed Logo on each handle. 

Sizes: Metal pin included to to customize any length, maximum 9 feet. 

Cost: $14.00