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Cliff Keen "Bring it" Training Technique T-shirt  This product is discontinued and there are none left

Cliff Keen is proud to introduce the new "Bring it" Training Technique T-shirt. Visually see inside hand position, single leg head position, blast double face target, turn the corner dr street signs and front headlock shoulder bulls eyes. Match your Chest Pressure X with your drill partner's Back Pressure X for great position while spinning or riding! Chest X to Chest X for the pin! Work hand fight drills, high inside or high outside singles with great head position, snap downs to front headlocks, or X on X with pressure! When your head is to the outside for a double leg or a high crotch, keep your head up and tight to the street sign! Follow that road....Turn the corner Drive!! Producing better wrestlers. Stay focused; work the shirt...Bring it.

Youth Sizes:
M, L
Adult Sizes:
S, M, L, XL, XXL

Color: Oxford Grey

Cost:  $21.00


This product is discontinued and there are none left.