Mat Disinfectants and Cleaning Accessories

See also, Skin Care


The Monster Mop

Cost:   $248.50
Click Here for Replacement mop heads

Bucket less Mop

Cost:  $164.00
Click here for Replacement mop-heads

Kenclean Plus

Cost:  $32.99/gallon

Clean Zone Mop

K-String heavy Duty 20oz Microfiber String Mophead

Clean Zone Bucket & Mop System
Cost: $325.00

Kennedy Odor Magic & Stain Digester
Cost:  $8.00/bottle

Clean Zone Pad
Cost: $35.00


Cliff Keen Mat Cleaner MC9

Cost:  $54.50


Kennedy Athletic Surface Cleaning Wipes
Cost:  $24.75/container 

Brute #0219 Mat Cleaner and Disinfectant-1 quart


Sole Mat
Cost:  $294.00

KENCLEAN PLUS Athletic Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner


KENCLEAN PLUS 2 1/2 gallon
Bag in a Box

Cost: $74.99 or $139.99 for 5 gallon

KenShield Laundry Sanitizer