Brute Custom Singlets


014538 Lehigh -Women's

Body Style:
high cut, jam length
nylon, Toughtex lycra, heavy weight Lycra
hemmed only

Call us at 610-258-8379 for pricing info or to place an order!

Now made with Adidas logo instead of Brute logo.

Orders for Brute logo must be a repeat team order or it must be with adidas logo. 

The logo is on the leg is the only that has changed.

Ordering Custom Singlets

Custom singlets can have varying colors, logos, lettering and trim.  Below are the standard options that are available.  If the appropriate logo is not available you can either e-mail or fax the design.  Also note that it is your choice where the logos and lettering appear on the singlet.

When calling or e-mailing to place an order please indicate, if desired:
1.) Colors
2.) Logo & Placement
3.) Lettering Font & Placement
4.) Leg Trim


LOGOS (optional)

LETTERING (optional)

LEG TRIM (optional)


 Size and Weight Chart For BRUTE custom singlets


40 to 65 lbs.


130 to 155 lbs.

YM 65 to 75 lbs. 155 to 185 lbs.
YL 75 to 90 lbs. XL 185 to 225 lbs.
XS 90 to 110 lbs. XXL 225 to 275 lbs.
S 110 to 130lbs. 4L 275 to 340 lbs.*