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SPORT Hair & Body Cleanser for Athletes (Antibacterial)



SPORT Hair & Body Cleanser is a premium antibacterial cleanser that was specifically designed for WRESTLING where hygiene is of critical concern, but can be used by all athletes both male and female who demand perfection in a total body cleanser. SPORT H&B was formulated to be aggressive towards germs yet mild to hair and skin. Perfect for the wrestler who wants to rid himself of not only odor-causing bacteria but other contaminants that his hair and body may have come in contact with during his match or practice. 

SPORT Hair & Body was designed to be effective at killing germs and easy to use. This all-in-one cleanser should be applied to the hair and body in the usual fashion. As a shampoo, you wet the hair thoroughly and apply a small amount of SPORT H&B to the palm of your hand and work into hair, then rinse. As a body cleanser, it's recommended that it be applied to a shower sponge and then to the entire body. The shower sponge will help exfoliate the skin and reduce the chance of applying SPORT H&B wastefully. 
CASES OF 32-ounce bottles INCLUDE 12 Shower meshes and 12 6-ounce transport bottles.

Size:  SPORT Hair & Body Cleanser is packaged in 32 ounce bottles. 
Cost: $18.99 per 32oz. bottle for orders of 5 or less Plus shipping
$16.99 per 32oz. bottle for orders of 6 to 11 bottles Plus Shipping 
$169.99 per 32oz. case of 12 bottles Plus Shipping
New $39.99 per Gallon (Gallon bottles do not come with sponges or transport bottles).
NEW - Case of 4 gallons - $169.99

(Gallon bottles do not come with sponges or transport bottles unless it is a case.).

Prices do not include shipping and handling.

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