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Cliff Keen Wrestling Lycra Workout Shorts #LWS43

Moisture wicking Lycra®Power compression shorts are the ultimate choice for serious wrestlers. Flat-seam construction for added strength, durability, and chafe-free comfort. Lettering not included. Research on Lycra®Power shows these benefits:

  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Improves force & power production by up to 20%
  • Improves center of gravity
  • Provides faster and better responses to required movements
  • Increases efficiency of movement
  • Moves as second skin
  • moving with the athlete-not independently

Colors: Black or Navy. (custom colors available)

Size List
XS to XL $24.30
XXL $27.95


Cliff Keen Size and Weight Chart

Size Weight
XXXS 45-60
XXS 60-85
XS 85-105
S 105-130
M 130-160
L 160-190
XL 190-220
XXL* 220-250
XXXL* 250-280
* - Add 15% for Larger Sizing


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